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Simone Doesburg from Grace of Glaze


I'm Simone Doesburg. I'm the face but mostly the hands behind Grace of Glaze. 


Simone Doesburg from Grace of Glaze

For many years I carried a certain feeling, a vague idea, a wish with me. If I had to describe it today it would be a mixture of

My story

experiencing beauty, awe or something so gentle it would evoke a sense of melting, but at the same time a fierceness that would create stillness within. Earlier, while I wasn’t yet able to describe it or create it, I started my studies at Design Academy Eindhoven. If I can’t grasp it, I would at least make my hands more sensitive and intelligent. Working with all sorts of materials like textile, metal, wood and digital mediums I learned ceramics comes very natural to me. It’s as if how the clay likes to move, I like to move as well. During my internship at Royal Tichelaar I could dive into this craft and I became more aware of the versatility of possibilities that each step during the process offers.

Handmade porcelain tableware by Grace of Glaze

Once I could unite this knowledge with my feeling, idea, wish, I could begin to explore what this could look like in the material world. While playing with color, shape and material something was beginning to take form. A design with soft shapes in wild colors. Simple and rich. Feminine and fierce. Tableware with a bold elegance and with colors that melt into a gradient. It’s an intense collaboration between material and maker, Grace of Glaze was born.

Simone Doesburg from Grace of Glaze

It is such a joy to see my products find their way to a new home. Therefore, I’m proud that my ceramics are used by consumers and restaurants globally, and that it can be seen in museum exhibitions. It brings delight to see people marvel when they let their eyes wander over the subtle color gradients of Grace of Glaze tableware.

I hope you continue your day full of wonder and inspiration.



Simone Doesburg from Grace of Glaze at Linnaean Living in London
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